Generate code, documentation, metrics and other output

Code generators and other reports are defined with MetaEdit+ Generator Editor. You use the generator definition language to specify how to crawl through the models and output model values and fixed text. You can make generators which produce code or configuration information, create documentation and data dictionaries, check the consistency of the models, create metrics, analyze model linkages, and export models to other programs, such as simulators, compilers, emulators etc. The advanced scripting commands allow you to print or save designs in various formats, output to multiple files, and call external programs.

MetaEdit+ is a fully customizable modeling tool. Code generators and report generators can be custom defined with the Report Browser tool

Generator Debugger

Generator Debugger is a tool that helps the development of generators by providing means to follow, control and inspect the execution of a generator. Generator Debugger shows in one tool the execution of the generator along with model elements accessed, variables used and generated code. Breakpoints and various debug execution commands such as Step into/over/out and run to cursor are available.

Generators can be debugged with the Generator debugger tool showing generator and result within the same tool

MetaEdit+ provides predefined generators for all graphs. All these generators are implemented with the Generator Editor. You can access them with the Generator Editor and change or reuse them while making your own generators. The predefined generators and reports include: