Introduction to Domain-Specific Modeling (11 min)
This webcast introduces you to Domain-Specific Modeling, and demonstrates with a small example how it is different from general purpose modeling languages like UML.

Industrial experiences (16 min)
This webcast describes industrial experiences on DSM in four different domains: home automation, military radio, touch screen device and sports computer applications.

DSM examples (14 min)
This webcast demonstrates Domain-Specific Modeling in 20 different application domains.

Language and generator definition

Defining modeling languages and code generators in MetaEdit+ (16 min)
This webcast outlines the steps of creating a DSM solution: Defining the modeling language concepts and rules, drawing the notation and making the code generators. Each step of DSM definition is demonstrated with MetaEdit+.

Rich graphical notations with dynamic behavior (16 min)
MetaEdit+ lets you define rich graphical notations with dynamic behavior. A demonstration shows how to create advanced dynamic visualizations and ports for domain-specific languages.

Language and generator use

MetaEdit+ multi-user support (9 min)
This webcast demonstrates how multiple developers can work seamlessly together with MetaEdit+ multi-user version.

Model transformations examples (11 min)
This webcast demonstrates different model to model transformations in MetaEdit+: running transformations with external code files, office tools like Excel, XML files, other models in MetaEdit+ and with models outside MetaEdit+.

Scaling to large designs, models and languages (6 min)
This webcast demonstrates scalability of MetaEdit+: large projects, containing hundreds of thousands model elements, open quickly and individual tools like browsers, model editors and generators continue to work as fast as it does for small projects.


Integrating Eclipse and MetaEdit+ (5 min)
This webcast demonstrates how Eclipse can be integrated with MetaEdit+.

Integrating Visual Studio and MetaEdit+
(5 min)
This webcast demonstrates how Visual Studio can be integrated with MetaEdit+.

Integrating Simulink and MetaEdit+ (7 min)
This webcasts shows how models in MetaEdit+ can be transformed for Simulink and how MetaEdit+ can check consistency between the models in different tools.

Integrating with PLC system (TwinCAT) (8 min)
This webcasts shows how PLC code (IEC Structured Text) is generated from Domain-Specific Models and executed in TwinCAT.