Detailed cases

Mainframe COBOL applications
"Mainframe software development can be carried out using modern graphical tools. MetaEdit+ allows an iterative approach to software development without having to write a single line of code."

Heart rate monitors
"A detailed evaluation proved the benefits of the DSM solution: an increase of at least 750% in developer productivity, and greatly improved quality in the code and development process," writes Juha Kärnä from Polar.

Telecom platform
"The DSM solution makes development significantly faster and easier than the old manual coding practices," Jari Lehto, Nokia Siemens Networks

Industrial Automation of Fish Farms
"MetaEdit+ outperformed other tools in a comparative analysis in terms of usability and suitability for the automation domain"

Tetra terminals
"The quality of the generated code is clearly better, simply because the modeling language was designed to fit our terminal architecture. This rules out errors, eliminating them already in the design stage," says Antti Raunio from EADS.

Pecunet applies model-based code generators for development of e-commerce applications

E-commerce platform
"With MetaEdit+ we have fundamentally changed the way how our e-commerce website is developed. Traditional programming has largely disappeared and we can build systems up to five times faster with fewer errors," says CTO Joachim Lindig from PECUNET.

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