At MetaCase, our users are among the smartest people in this industry, so we take their opinions seriously. We hope you'll give them a minute to tell you why MetaEdit+ is simply the best DSM tool on the market.

"Even as a beginner with MetaEdit+, I could define a domain-specific activity language in about six hours - design, testing and one failed trial included," says Laurent Safa, Panasonic

"Modeling with MetaEdit+ was indeed quite convenient and a lot easier to accomplish than trying to achieve the same results with Eclipse GMF," Ulf Hesselbarth, Siemens

"Comparing MetaEdit + with the tools used previously in the Eclipse platform, it can be stated that the time invested to build the editor is notably lower in MetaEdit+. In addition, its environment is much more intuitive and easier to use," Juan Cesaretti, Gidas

"Extremely user-friendly maintenance of metamodels, especially when compared to Microsoft's DSL Tools," says Risto Moilanen, University of Jyväskylä.

"MetaEdit+ has been proven the most stable of the available frameworks and provides the best support for defining concrete syntax," Kirsten Mewes, Verified Systems International GmbH

"MetaEdit+ is a versatile language workbench that enables building high quality visual DSLs for any domain. The tool offers DSL developers an impressive productivity through an optimum set of concepts, which allow light-weight, agile and fast DSL development and evolution, " Andriy Levytskyy, Luminis

"MetaEdit+ processes even very large projects with high performance and stability," case study by Helvetia

"The DSM solution makes development significantly faster and easier than the old manual coding practices," Jari Lehto, Nokia Siemens Networks

"A detailed evaluation proved the benefits of the DSM solution: an increase of at least 750% in developer productivity, and greatly improved quality in the code and development process," Juha Kärnä, Polar

"MetaEdit+ is a great tool — a powerful and flexible environment where it is easy to create your own modeling languages and editors. My personal favorite is the ability to effectively constrain how concepts can be used, allowing you to make simple, intuitive editors where users can create models without thinking. This is exactly how modeling should work," Stephan Schulz, CTO, Conformiq

"MetaEdit+ is a powerful and extremely user-friendly DSL environment," De Jiu Chen, KTH

"MetaEdit+ is the most sophisticated DSM tool," writes Scott Ambler.

"MetaEdit+ has eliminated our need to outsource software development activities," says Akihito Iwai, Chief Engineer, Denso.

"Where we have applied DSM we have seen our development costs reduced by as much as 95%. With MetaEdit+ we generate full production quality code from domain-specific models," Hannu Savela, Ouman

"Based on our tool comparison and experiences, MetaEdit+ is a good environment for the development of a DSML and code generator," writes Sanna Sivonen, VTT

"MetaEdit+ provides convenient tool support for domain (meta-)modeling as well as for the definition of concrete instance data, which is simplified by a domain-specific graphical user interface. Easy to learn — easy to use!" Cord Giese, Research Analyst, Delta Software Technology

"I absolutely love MetaEdit+ and I think that it is the best in its class by far," Peter Madziak, ObjectSharp Consulting

"MetaEdit+ is by far the most advanced tool in the graphical DSL category," writes Markus Völter, Author of Model-Driven Software Development (2006)

"It's now easy to make modifications when the AUTOSAR version is changed — implementation and testing requirements are both reduced," says Yohsuke Satoh, Engineer, Denso.

"I created a modeling language to demonstrate SIP-based Service Creation during one afternoon. The speed and ease of use of MetaEdit+ is key in showing telco operators and equipment vendors the value of model-driven development with a tailorable service creation environment," Tony Sloos, CTO, ICT Solutions.

"Wow! Superb customer service, what else can I say?" Olli Savolainen, Stadia.

"In contrast to Xtext, GMF and Rascal, MetaEdit+ provides a development standard on an industrial level," Johannes Feuser, Univ of Bremen

"I've been working with MetaEdit+ for a while now and it is absolutely brilliant. The support is great and the flexibility provided is beyond excellent," says Patrick Phelan, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group, Waterford Institute of Technology.

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy working with MetaEdit+. It's an amazing tool, and really helpful to me: all in all a joy to work with." Daniel Gross, Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

"MetaEdit+ has proved to be a mature tool that offers a simple and elegant approach to develop DSLs", write Nelly Bencomo and Gordon Blair, Lancaster University.

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