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MetaCase is the leading provider of Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) environments. Since 1991, MetaCase has been enabling its customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness with modeling languages and generators designed to meet their needs. The company's flagship product, MetaEdit+®, is providing thousands of developers worldwide with a more productive, higher quality approach to system and software development.

MetaEdit+ has been winning awards since its first version, which was ranked as Best Application Development Software at CeBIT '95. Since then, MetaCase was presented with the Finnish National Prize for Innovation, voted Best Commercial Tool at Net.Object Days / GPCE, selected multiple times by Software Development magazine as a Jolt Award finalist, and twice named by SD Times as one of the world's top 100 software development leaders and influencers.

MetaCase has offices in Finland, activities worldwide, and partners in the USA, Japan, China, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. For more information on MetaCase and our products, please contact us by phone +358 400 648 606 or by email.

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