Define your Modeling Tools in minutes — no coding needed

Having a domain-specific modeling language allows faster development based on models not code. An experienced developer first defines the domain concepts, rules, and mapping to code. Other developers then make models with the concepts guided by the rules, and code is automatically generated.

This automatic code generation from models is possible because both the language and generators need fit only one company's requirements; fixed code generators in standard modeling tools try to fit all situations, and so can generate only skeletons or bulky inefficient code. Since it is generated, the resulting code will be immune to common kinds of careless mistakes, syntax and logic errors. But you still have the freedom to generate exactly what you need — you define the generator, so you're in charge.

MetaEdit+: Code generation with Domain-Specific Models

MetaEdit+ Workbench is aimed at expert developers looking to automate software development. The mature tool set provides the tools and process to define your modeling languages and generators — without having to write a single line of code. You can build simple modeling languages in minutes, a prototype language and generator for your domain in hours, and a full, polished, industrial strength solution in days. Even if you can only devote a small part of your time to this, you can have your own domain-specific modeling environment ready in just a few man-weeks.

MetaEdit+ is tried and proven technology. It has been applied in a wide variety of application domains to automate software development: See application domain examples and industry references.