MetaCase events

We hold a number of internal presentations not open to the general public. If you are interested in having such an event held in your company, please contact us at You are also welcome to meet us at the following events:

OOP 2021
Munich, Germany
8-12 February, 2021
Collaborative Modeling with Domain Experts using Domain-Specific Languages, 10 Feb 9:00-10:30 CET, 8:00-9:30 UTC

Embedded World Conference
Nuremberg, Germany -> Virtual
1-5 March, 2021

MetaEdit+ Webinar
31 March, 2021

Workshop on Foundations and Practice of Visual Modeling at STAF 2021
Bergen, Norway
22 June, 2021

MetaEdit+ Webinar
16 June, 2021

ACM Systems and Software Product Line Conference
Leicester, United Kingdom
6-11 September, 2021

Tutorial on Describing Variability with Domain-Specific Languages and Models

Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling at SPLASH 2021
Chicago, USA
1 day, 17-21 October, 2021

Past events, -2020