Key feature list

MetaEdit+ offers users a level of tools support that is years ahead of the competition. Below are just some of the key features that continue to make MetaEdit+ the world's leading DSM tool.

Fully integrated toolset that works with your existing tool-chain

Fully integrated modeling, metamodeling, and code generation tools. The MetaEdit+ API uses the widely supported and open SOAP / Web Services / .NET standard to ensure full integration with your existing tool chain. Ready integration with Git and SVN, IDE plug-ins for both Eclipse and Visual Studio.

Language evolution support

Easily modify or extend the DSM solution to meet changing requirements. All models update automatically and non-destructively, assuring that your valuable existing work is not lost.

Advanced multi-user support

Advanced multi-user modeling support enables users on different platforms and with different access rights to all efficiently work together. Work with colleagues around the world, or one desk over with full support for thousands of concurrent modelers.

Run on a local computer or on a remote cloud

Install and run MetaEdit+ on your own local computer, or with a Remote Shared License, on a remote cloud / RDS / terminal server.

No vendor lock-in

Freely import and export all models and metamodels via standards-compliant XML files.

Universal language support

Generate in any language or format you want — you're in the driver's seat.

Unparalleled performance, world-class support, and proven results

For over a decade MetaEdit+ has been enabling leading companies from a variety of industries to achieve productivity and quality benefits unmatched by any other model-based tool. Our highly experienced consultants and support teams offer full phone, email, and on-site support to assist you every step of the way.

Download the feature list comparison worksheet and read tool reviews to discover more reasons why MetaEdit+ remains in a class of its own.