Deliver products 5-10 times faster

Use of automation shortens time to market and increases product quality. MetaEdit+ uses the power of Domain-Specific Modeling to automate the software development process. It allows your expert developer(s) to define the mechanism for automated software production:

A Domain-Specific Modeling language that describes your products

A design language that is based on the concepts and rules of your products has more expressive power than generic languages such as UML that are based on generic programming concepts. The increased expressive power allows your developers to completely specify an application with a much smaller modeling effort. The better fit with your domain makes models easier to understand by all stakeholders, thus improving communication. The domain-specific rules in the modeling language prevent developers from making errors right from the start of the design stage.

A code generator to turn the models into code

Since the code generator is defined by your expert, it fits perfectly with your Domain-Specific Modeling language and produces the same code he would normally teach developers to write by hand. Now all developers will produce this same, top quality, consistent code, automatically generated from their models. As the models are independent from the details of the code, you can target different languages or platforms simply by building new generators.

The key benefits of this approach are:

  • Shorter time to market, lower costs: productivity increases by a factor of 5–10
  • Developers can concentrate on features and design instead of writing code manually
  • Product quality improves significantly
  • Full control over both modeling and code generation

Introducing DSM into your organization

Your expert developer already knows the general mappings from your application domain and requirements into code. He can define the DSM solution and evaluate MetaEdit+. To get his opinion, ask him to visit our Expert Developer page.

At MetaCase we have over 20 years' experience in automating software development and managing the organizational change involved. We provide experienced consultants who can help your experts implement domain-specific languages in MetaEdit+. After only a few man-weeks of work by your expert, your domain-specific modeling environment will be ready, and you can start reaping the benefits of automated software production.

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