Visual modeling with diagrams

The Diagram Editor is a tool for creating, managing, and maintaining design information as diagrams with advanced features such as reusing the elements in multiple diagrams, copy-paste with options and model refactoring and replacement tools. It supports visual modeling of graphs and linking of several graphs through explosions, decompositions, and reused components. You can reuse your designs, link design models at different phases and levels, and export to other tools such as web-browsers, image viewers, and text editors.

Diagram Editor supports a variety of design activities:

  • Modeling actions checked at the editing time based on the metamodel
  • Managing model hierarchies and other interconnected diagrams
  • Same model elements can be used and edited in multiple diagrams (and matrices and tables)
  • Refactoring models with Replace tool
  • Elements can be browsed, selected, and reused with the Selection Tool
  • Matrices and tables can be viewed as diagrams (and vice versa)
  • All design information can be accessed from property dialogs and property sheets with a mouse click
  • Models can be checked with predefined reports and own checking reports can be made
  • Model elements can be annoted for checking completeness, inconsistency and correctess
  • Designs can be published with documentation generation into web or word processors
  • Code can be generated with predefined and domain-specific generators
  • Support modeling with help texts about the modeling technique, its components, reports, and links to other techniques

Diagram Editor has all the functionality for viewing and formatting the diagrams:

  • Selecting created objects and relationships from the toolbar or tree view
  • Scaling sizes of symbols
  • Grouping
  • Showing overlapping and transparent symbols
  • Setting grid and using snap to grid
  • Autolayout
  • Zooming diagrams
  • Copy, copy and paste
  • Paste special options
  • Exporting diagrams to clipboard, PNG, GIF and PICT files
  • Printing diagrams to several pages
  • On-line help with hypertext features