Visual modeling with matrices

The Matrix Editor handles design information as matrices, with two axes holding objects, and cells showing their relationships. It offers you all the power of matrix manipulation, e.g. diagonalization, sorting, subsystem decomposition, and various viewing options as well as standard object and relationship creation and editing.

Matrix Editor supports visual modeling with domain-specific modeling languages as well as standard modeling languages

Matrix Editor supports a variety of design activities:

  • Modeling actions checked at the editing time based on the metamodel
  • Matrices can be diagonalized and sorted
  • Matrices and elements in axis and cells can be exploded or decomposed to other graphs
  • All design information can be accessed from property dialogs with a mouse click
  • Elements can be reused among multiple matrices (and diagrams and tables)
  • Elements can be browsed, selected and reused with the Selection Tool
  • Refactoring models with Replace tool
  • Diagrams and tables can be viewed as matrices (and vice versa)
  • Models can be checked with predefined reports and own checking reports can be made
  • Designs can be published with documentation generation into web or word processors
  • Code can be generated with predefined and domain-specific generators
  • Support modeling with help texts about the modeling technique, its components, reports and links to other techniques

Matrix Editor has the functionality for viewing and formatting the matrices:

  • View and hide elements in matrix
  • Automated matrix formatting
  • Support for different fonts
  • Show and hide symbols or textual specifications in matrix
  • Copy and paste, Paste special options
  • Export matrices to ASCII (tab-separated for pasting the matrix into a spreadsheet) and HTML
  • Print matrices
  • On-line hypertext tool help