Table, Form and Text-Based Modeling

The Table Editor is a tool for providing a tabular or form-based view on design information. It offers you an easy way to view your objects in a compact form, and is particularly practical for input of data in early states of development.

Table Editor supports visual modeling with domain-specific modeling languages as well as standard modeling languages via tables, forms and text.

The Table Editor supports a variety of design activities:

  • Components can be browsed, selected and reused with the Component Selection Tool
  • Connections between design information can be inspected and navigated with the Info Tool
  • Objects from diagrams and matrices can be viewed as tables
  • Objects listed in a table can be sorted with different options
  • Objects in a table can be exploded or decomposed to other graphs
  • All design information can be accessed from property dialogs with a mouse click
  • Models can be checked with predefined reports or your own checking reports
  • Designs can be published with documentation generation for the web or word processors
  • Language support provides help about the modeling technique, its components, reports and links to other techniques

The Table Editor has the functionality for viewing and formatting the tables:

  • View and hide selected columns
  • Automated column width setting
  • Support for different fonts
  • Copy and paste, Paste special options
  • Export tables to ASCII (tab-separated for pasting a table into a spreadsheet) and HTML
  • Print tables
  • On-line help with graphics and hypertext features