MetaEdit+ API for programmatic access

The MetaEdit+ API allows you to build sophisticated tool integration between MetaEdit+ and other tools. The API provides access to both models and functions in MetaEdit+. You may create, read, update, and delete model elements in MetaEdit+, and also control MetaEdit+ for scripting or simulation support.

The MetaEdit+ API uses the widely supported and open SOAP Web Services standard for application integration. This makes MetaEdit+ functions easily accessible from almost any programming language (Java, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Perl etc.), platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) or environment (e.g. office tools like Excel).

Typical API use scenarios include:

  • Simulation: animate models in MetaEdit+ while running code (see example)
  • Model transformations: update all models with similar changes
  • Import models and code programmatically (see guide)
  • IDE integration (see examples with Eclipse and Visual Studio)
  • Integrate with external version control systems (see examples with Git and SVN)
  • Model checking & guidance

Animating models in MetaEdit+ while running code

Model animation

An emulator or a programming environment can use the API to trace or animate model execution. Execution of the code highlights the corresponding model element in MetaEdit+ with a red outline. See our video on animating models when debugging with Visual Studio and with Eclipse.