Version Control Integration

Work done with MetaEdit+ can be easily versioned to external Version Control Systems: Enter a version comment and save your work to your preferred VCS with a single mouse click. This makes versioning easy and safe for all modelers. The Changes and Version Tool lets you inspect versions and changes, and runs VCS commands for you. Versioning to an external VCS is available with MetaEdit+ API functionality. Integration is available out of the box for Git, GitHub and TortoiseSVN, and you may customize these and extend them to add support for other VCSs.

Models and metamodels can be versioned to external version control systems like Git and SVN

Version control integration lets you:

  • Save your current modeling work to VCSs like Git and SVN
  • Save the DSM solution (metamodel, symbols, generators) to your VCS
  • Customize the version control integration, or extend it to other Version Control Systems
  • Integrate with other users' work with the multi-user version: no need to merge XML!
  • Work on multiple machines, synchronizing with the latest version
  • Check out a given version from your VCS into MetaEdit+