Define domain-specific concepts

Language development starts by defining the concepts of your modeling language. Depending on your domain the concepts come from the required output to be generated, from product components in use, from product architecture, from product-line characteristics, etc. MetaEdit+ then makes your domain concepts automatically available as modeling languages: it provides the domain concepts and rules to the developers. The use of domain-specific concepts in models has shown ten times productivity improvements, making your own modeling language implementation very cost-effective (see success stories for more information).

Define concepts   Use them in designs
MetaEdit+ allows you to define your own modeling language concepts simply by filling out forms

DSM language development is fast and easy with MetaEdit+'s metamodeling tools. The tools do the hard work, allowing you to concentrate on designing a modeling language that fit your domain. You create the language's concepts and their associated properties and rules by filling in the forms or by specifying them graphically.