30th Anniversary

30 years ago the word "metamodel" was considered very novel - perhaps even magical. We appreciated the power of metamodeling so much that we decided to use the term in the product name too: MetaEdit stands for Metamodeling Editor. With the first release users could define their own domain-specific languages with metamodels, albeit only for one language and modeler at a time.

Today, MetaEdit+ supports integrated languages and multiple engineers can work on the same models and even edit the same metamodel at the same time — running MetaEdit+ locally or in the cloud. Modeling continues uninterrupted even when language engineers are changing the metamodel at the same time. Thousands of domain-specific modeling languages and generators have been defined making MetaEdit+ a market leader.

We at MetaCase want to thank our customers for their loyalty and support over these 30 years. You are the people we want to serve!

Celebrate with us by looking below at over 200 public examples by MetaEdit+ users.