Eclipse plugin for integrating MetaEdit+ to Eclipse

Generating the build scripts and project data along with the actual code is a common way to integrate modeling with a programming environment (IDE). A well used feature is also debugging the functionality in the model level: models in MetaEdit+ are animated while the code is running or debugged in IDE.

Integration can also be built from IDE side: access functionality of MetaEdit+ directly from the UI of IDE. While MetaEdit+ users have built their own IDE integration, we decided to make one available that can be freely accessed and even modified. Eclipse plugin for MetaEdit+ opens the access to MetaEdit+ from Eclipse. With the plugin you can:

  • Open MetaEdit+'s projects
  • Browse and open model hierarchies
  • Edit graph's properties
  • Create new graphs
  • Run generators

A video (5min) is available to demonstrate the use of MetaEdit+ plugin for Eclipse. The Eclipse plugin is available to download from the Eclipse Marketplace or from the update site. The complete user guide and source code under MIT license is available on Github.

Eclipse plugin running with Watch tutorial example