MetaEdit+ 5.1 Released

MetaEdit+ 5.1 has now been released. As always, both your models and languages created with previous versions of MetaEdit+ will work in the new version too.

See a 10 min video demonstrating the feature highlights on the MetaEdit+ YouTube channel. The new version is loaded with dozens of new features and hundreds of improvements, including:

  • Better UI support for modeling, fewer dialogs, in-place editing (video)
    • Hierarchical property sheet
    • Movable dynamic ports
    • Reconnect a role to a different object or port
    • Drag objects with their contents
  • New features for metamodeling (video)
    • Read-only and hidden properties
    • UUID properties, created with a globally unique value
    • Regular expression support for explicit numbers of repetitions and non-capturing groups
    • New generator functions, hyperlink generator, prompt for filename, live check options
  • Improved collaboration and integration (video)

See the full list of changes from MetaEdit+ 5.0 to 5.1. You can download the evaluation version of 5.1 at with full manuals, tutorials and examples.

Customers entitled to a free upgrade will be contacted directly by MetaCase.