RSL: Remote Shared License

With a Remote Shared License, MetaEdit+ supports multiple simultaneous users on a remote cloud / RDS / terminal server. The Remote Shared License specifies the maximum number of simultaneous users, and those users are not locked to certain people or client computers. This makes RSL licensing ideal for groups of users who only occasionally need access to MetaEdit+.

Customers on Microsoft RDS and Citrix have found the license a big help in setting up new users, particularly with many working from home during the pandemic. A single MetaEdit+ Client installation on the remote Windows server is all that’s needed, with the MetaEdit+ Server installation generally being on the same server (or VM). Users just open a connection to that server, and don’t need to worry about installing any MetaEdit+ software or keys.

Having client and server on the same machine also brings performance and reliability benefits — particularly to users on home or mobile networks, where quality is far from corporate levels. With remote desktops accessible from any device, a session can be started on a desktop at home, continued on a train with a laptop and wireless connection, and even opened securely in a browser.

With RSL, your users can work with the models wherever they are, and new users can be up and running without waiting for IT.

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