Recognized as Software Development Leader and Innovator

MetaCase has been named to the 2007 SD Times 100 list. The annual SD Times 100 recognizes 2007's innovators and leaders of the software development industry.

"The winners of this year's SD Times 100 awards have demonstrated their leadership in shaping the software development industry," said David Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief of SD Times. "We took into account each nominee's products and services, its reputation among development managers, and the new ideas it brought out. These select individuals and organizations are the ones we've identified as helping to move the art of development forward."

MetaCase has been recognized in the "Modeling" category for its continuing contributions to the field of model-driven development. The company specializes in the development of domain-specific modeling environments which enable companies to significantly increase productivity by raising the abstraction level upon which they specify their solutions.

The editors of SD Times further commented on MetaCase's achievement, noting: "Domain-specific languages that raise the level of abstraction are the way modeling will become a more efficient way to develop software. MetaCase is leading the charge."

"We are extremely honored to have been named to the 2007 SD Times 100 list," said Dr. Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, CEO of MetaCase. "MetaCase has been working hard in this field since 1991 to ensure that our customers have the best possible tools for Domain-Specific Modeling. The productivity increases that our customers have achieved with their DSM languages shows that it is really they who are leading the charge. We thank the editorial staff of SD Times for their recognition of our contributions to this important category."

About SD Times

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About MetaCase

MetaCase is the leading provider of domain-specific modeling environments. Since 1991, MetaCase has been enabling its customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness with development methods and tools that fit their needs. Its flagship product, MetaEdit+, is providing thousands of developers with a new, higher level, higher quality method for developing systems and software.


Juha-Pekka Tolvanen
CEO, MetaCase
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