Service Release 2 for MetaEdit+ 3.0 released

Service Release 2 for MetaEdit+ 3.0 is now available. This release provides significant improvements to MetaEdit+'s usability, speed and scalability.

Service Release 2 for MetaEdit+ 3.0 in a nutshell:

  • New browsers with Windows Explorer-style tree view
  • Tool tips for Editor type toolbars
  • Double-click for object's properties in the Diagram Editor too
  • Progress Gauge for long operations
  • Improved window layouts with group boxes
  • Closer Windows integration: windows do not cover the taskbar, native Windows cursors
  • Faster reporting and code generation: 50% speed-up on most text reports
  • Faster database operations: Load More Repository and Graph Manager 5-10 times faster
  • Improved scalability and thread-safety in multi-user version
  • Gentle introduction to metamodeling in Family Tree tutorial
  • Complete example of Domain-Specific Modeling with 100% code generation in Watch example
  • Improved documentation generation to Word and HTML
  • Improved import/export for large metamodels
  • Extended and updated System Administrator's Guide
  • plus many other improvements!

You can download the patch file from the 3.0 support pages.