Tool reviews

Based on external reviews MetaEdit+ is the fastest and the most powerful tool for Domain-Specific Modeling:

French research institutes CEA/LIST and LIFL conducted an empirical evaluation of current tools for DSM. They built the same language with each tool, and found MetaEdit+ was 10 to 50 times faster than the rest. In MetaEdit+ the task took under four hours whereas in the others the effort was measured in weeks:

Days   Tool
0.5   MetaEdit+
5.0   Obeo Designer
6.0   GME
12.0   IBM RSA
25.0   Eclipse GMF

Researchers from Brazil analyzed hundreds of articles published since 2012 that used tools to create modeling language tool support. MetaEdit+ was used in more articles than all other commercial DSM tools put together:

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology conducted a systematic review of six Domain-Specific Modeling Tools on view management. They concluded with the following ranking:
1. MetaEdit+
2. GMF
3. MPS
4. Microsoft DSL Tools
5. Spoofax
6. Xtext

Research at the University of Leipzig "compared six meta-metamodels that are using the metamodeling approach and are available as tools". "We conclude that GOPPRR and GME are the most powerfully expressive meta-metamodels". We can derive the following ranking:
1. GOPPRR [MetaEdit+]
2. GME
3. DSL Tools [Microsoft]
5. Ecore [Eclipse]
6. Visio [Microsoft]

Tech Rating:
"MetaEdit+ is one of the premier tools for designing DSM-based applications"
"extremely helpful in eliminating many complexities associated with application maintenance"