Smart Model Versioning: MetaEdit+ brings models to GitHub

Modeling and version control both play key roles in industrial-scale software development. However, most modeling tools and version control systems fail to work well together. Anyone who has tried merging model files knows it is a nightmare. Others curse the modeling tools that lock them out while another user edits a set of diagrams.

MetaEdit+ brings the benefits of version control to models, without ever requiring a merge or locking users out. Users work on a consistent, up-to-date view of the models, and can commit a set of changes to make it available to others. They can see what changes they have made, viewing them graphically, textually or as a tree, and can comment and name these as a version. The versions can be automatically stored in any major version control system: a local Git repository, a team’s SVN, on GitHub, Bitbucket etc. Users can inspect and compare versions to see other users’ changes or older states, both within MetaEdit+ or using the version control system’s own functions.

MetaEdit+ automatically tracks changes made in models

With Smart Model Versioning in MetaEdit+, you can:

  • See changes graphically or as a tree using your language's structure and symbols, not XML
  • Inspect changes textually with live links to models and customizable text
  • Painlessly use external Version Control Systems like Git and SVN
  • Customize the version control integration, or extend it to other Version Control Systems
  • Integrate with other users' work with the multi-user version: no need to merge XML!
  • Work on multiple machines, synchronizing with the latest version