Online meeting and demonstration

MetaCase's free online meetings are designed to provide technical information and educational value for software architects, managers, and developers interested in learning more about Domain-Specific Modeling and building DSM support with MetaEdit+.

Unlike typical online seminars, which often deliver marketing-oriented content, our online web meetings address the everyday challenges experienced developers face in automating software development with model-based code generators. In the meeting, we provide practical insight based on real world examples of Domain-Specific Modeling with full code generation. Accessible through your web browser, the seminar features a live presentation, demo and interactive discussion.

Request an online meeting

We would be pleased to provide a dedicated online meeting for you or your development team. Please contact Juha-Pekka Tolvanen ( regarding your preferred date and time (including your time zone). Feel free to include any additional information regarding your specific modeling and code generation requirements to enable us to better prepare for the meeting.