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Developing control and automation systems requires broad expertise in systems, hardware and software in order to provide the required functionality. Domain-Specific Languages can efficiently address all three concerns, and even support co-design when allocating software to the hardware and systems functionality.

Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) helps by raising the level of abstraction closer to the problem domain — and generating production code, prototypes, configuration data etc. from these high-level models.

MetaEdit+ is being used successfully to develop control and automation systems in a variety of industries, such as medical, machine control, factory automation, telecommunication, railway systems, voice control, heating remote control and home automation.

With a DSM solution you can:

  • Let domain experts specify systems using concepts they already know.
  • Generate full code from the models (assembler, PLC, C, C++ etc.).
  • Generate code from the same models for different targets and libraries.
  • Support communication with system engineers and software engineers with integrated DSLs.
  • Specify and perform system testing with domain concepts.

Since most control and automation systems have a long production lifespan with continuing evolution and maintenance, it is crucial that tools can be relied on — now and for the long term. MetaCase has developed its tools for over 20 years, and with the latest version of MetaEdit+ you can still work with models created in the early 1990s. No more losing time or work when updating to new language or tool versions!

For more information:
  • Try existing languages like voice control with assembler generation and a heating system with PLC generation by downloading the MetaEdit+ evaluation version
  • Download an Embedded Control article on reducing development time with DSM

Public language examples

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