Languages for UI apps

UI applications are often the single largest and most visible part of today's embedded devices. Companies developing the applications must focus not only on a single application's usability, but also on a consistent UI across applications and devices. Industry growth and evolution mean short product cycles, but apps must still meet the demands of limited CPU, memory and battery life.

Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) languages are a perfect fit for specifying UI application behavior and interaction design. DSM can also take the pain out of providing product variants for different functionality sets and price points, creating a whole product line from a single set of models.

Products built with DSM have a better user experience, because the models raise the developer's level of abstraction away from the code and closer to what the user sees. Domain-specific generators create high quality production code, prototypes, localization, test data etc. from these high-level models.

MetaEdit+ is being used successfully to design, implement and test UI applications in many kinds of embedded devices, covering phones, medical devices, consumer electronics, automotive infotainment systems, and military systems.

DSM solutions are built for:

  • Development of UI applications, including complete production application code.
  • Specifying and generating variant UI applications within a product line
  • Interaction design and localization, including generation of prototypes and localization data.
  • Testing devices and their functionality by generating test cases and test logic from domain-specific models.

The languages can be integrated so that all groups involved in development — concept design, implementation, localization and testing — can use the same familiar domain concepts. This greatly improves the communication and feedback loop for the parties involved.

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