Industrial Automation Languages

Working directly with industry concepts offers significant improvements for application development. Applications can be developed faster for a wider range of markets compared to manual programming. Code generators produce the PLC or C code that runs in your controllers and on your platform. Industry experiences show that generated applications also have a higher level of quality.

Our MetaEdit+ tool lets you define development languages for your target industry. Within a few months you will get a modeling solution which:

  • Combines industry concepts with existing languages
  • Integrates with your existing tools, libraries and code
  • Scales for industrial use, proven in practice

MetaEdit+ is being used in many industries, including factory automation, process automation, printing, heating, and home automation.

We provide flexible solutions for both your internal use and to be packaged into your product. Our OEM program enables branding, support, and professional services for the MetaEdit+ part of your product offering.

How to proceed:

Example languages for industrial automation system development

Batch control (ISA88)

Specifying batch control processes


Specifying medical PLC system


Specifying IEC61131-3 for industrial automation systems