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MetaEdit+ is proven industry-strength technology, with numerous cases showing 5-10x productivity improvements. It makes the complex simple to allow you to build the best language for your domain in the shortest time, with unparallelled return on investment.

Starter Kit with licenses and services: 3 450 €

The Starter Kit provides you with the tools and expertise you need, in one easy package. Together with one of MetaCase's experts you will build the first version of your DSM language and generators in just 2 days. You get as many MetaEdit+ licenses as you need to develop and pilot the language for a 3-month starter period.

Additional MetaEdit+ licenses: 250 €/month

MetaEdit+ for language users. Why pay to employ more developers, when you can multiply the productivity of your existing developers for a fraction of the cost?

Embedded OEM licenses

Embedding MetaEdit+ functionality into your products with OEM program.

Academic licenses

MetaEdit+ was born from research, and we continue to maintain strong links with the academic community through our special prices for the Academic Edition for research and teaching.

License delivery

License delivery, terms and conditions.


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