MetaEdit+ 3.0 Support

The support pages allow MetaEdit+ 3.0 and MetaEdit+ 3.0 Method Workbench customers to download image patches, new modeling language specifications and reports for MetaEdit+ and MetaEdit+ Method Workbench.

NEW: Service Release 2!

The second major upgrade to MetaEdit+ 3.0 is now available - take a look at what it offers! To install it, we strongly recommend that you follow the combined installation instructions. The individual updates for Service Release 2 are however available under each update sections below.


  • Program updates
    MetaCase Consulting is continually improving MetaEdit+. Rather than distributing a whole large image file to you, improvements can be added to your existing image by filing in patches. Patches are files (*.pat) that include modifications, new features, and improvements to the MetaEdit+ environment. Image patches are always filed in from the MetaEdit+ StartUp Launcher, before login.
  • Database updates
    A database update can be either a whole new zipped database, or a method patch. A method patch is a special kind of repository patch, a file that makes changes to the contents of your existing repository. To import these patches, first log in as system administrator to the MetaEdit+ repository. Method patches are always filed in after MetaEdit+ login from the MetaEdit+ Main Launcher 'Repository - Options' menu and select the 'File in Patches' from the notebook's 'Repository' - page .
  • Report updates
    New report specifications allow you to generate new kinds of code, documentation etc. from existing models in MetaEdit+. Reports are read in with the Report Browser into a specific graph type after login, or for generic reports usable from all methods, with the 'Edit Reports' button in the Startup Launcher before login.
  • Documentation updates
    Documentation updates to MetaEdit+ 3.0 after the manuals were printed.