Installing Service Release 2

Service Release 2 includes improvements to every area of MetaEdit+: the program itself, the modeling languages and reports included, and the HTML help files. In a clean 3.0 SR2 installation, these are of course immediately ready for use. To upgrade an existing installation, you can follow the instructions on this page.

To upgrade to 3.0 SR2, you must first upgrade to at least SR1. For upgrading a 3.0 SR1 installation to 3.0 SR2, some care must be taken, especially if you have made your own modifications to the modeling languages in the database, or changed or added reports. If you have made no such changes, you can follow the basic instructions; otherwise, you should also read the detailed instructions.

Basic Instructions: if you have changed no modeling languages or reports

When downloading the files that make up this Service Release, if your screen fills with rubbish you should select 'Save Link As...' or similar from the link's pop-up menu, rather than just clicking the link.

Program update

Download the image patch: me010322.pat
Download the new visual executable:
Replace visual.exe (Windows) or visual (Linux) in your MetaEdit+ installation directory with the new version from File the me010322.pat patch into your image in the normal way, remembering that if you save the image with a different name, you should change your shortcut for starting MetaEdit+ to use the new image name. 

If you have a MetaEdit+ server, you will need to download this server image patch: mes010313.pat. Replace the server's visual.exe as above, restart the server program, file in the patch with Maintenance | Load Patch, and exit and save the server image. Please note that you must not mix pre-SR2 and SR2 clients and servers: all must be at the same version level.

Database update

These updates should only be applied to an existing standard SR1 demo or db database. They will overwrite any of your own changes made to the types supplied with the standard database. If you have your own database which does not include types from the original demo or db databases, you need not apply this update. 

The new databases contain the following changes:

  • New metamodelling tutorial and domain-specific modelling example with 100% code generation 
  • Improved reports for documentation and code generation
  • All reports updated to use '_default directory' subreport to generate output to .\reports\ subdirectory
  • UML Collaboration Diagram Bindings corrected: added client and supplier roles to dependency relationship
  • UML Interface client role's and implements role's line color changed to darker grey

To apply the updates:

  1. Download the zipped update patches:
    1. Unzip the patches into your MetaEdit+ directory
  2. Backup your existing database
  3. Import the updated types to your existing database
    1. Start MetaEdit+ 3.0 SR2, and login as sysadmin to your existing database, opening all projects
    2. From the Main Launcher, select Repository | Options to open an Options Tool
    3. On the Repository page, press File in Patches
    4. Select the 01mcc.pat patch file, and choose 'file in' from the pop-up menu
    5. When prompted for the project for new types or instances, choose the one in the patch name, i.e. mcc
    6. Repeat steps d and e for each of the other type patch files 02*.pat-13*.pat
  4. Add the new Family Tree Evaluation Tutorial: only for 'demo' database
    1. From the Main Launcher, select Repository | New Project... and create a project Family Tree, giving access to all users
    2. File in Family Tree.pat as above
  5. Add the new Watch Example: only for 'demo' database
    1. From the Main Launcher, select Repository | New Project... and create a project Watch, giving access to all users
    2. File in Watch.pat as above
  6. Commit and exit
  7. If you have other standard databases, repeat steps 2-6 for each

Reports update

Download the new Word template and icons:
Unzip this file into your MetaEdit+ startup directory. It will create a 'reports' subdirectory with the new, and a 'reports\image' subdirectory with the icons for the new HTML generation. You can delete the old from your MetaEdit+ startup directory.

The reports themselves are updated by the program update and database update above. If you don't apply the database update, see the detailed instructions below for how to update the '_default directory' report and copy to the MetaEdit+ startup directory.

Documentation update

Download the zipped HTML manuals:

Unzip this file into your manuals directory, allowing it to overwrite files and create new directories as necessary. It contains an updated index.html, updated System Administrator's Guide, and new Evaluation Tutorial and Watch Example.

Detailed instructions

Reports update

If you have changed any existing generic reports in the Graph metatype, or reused any from there as subreports from your own reports, you should be aware that filing in patch me010322.pat will add, change and delete some reports in the Graph metatype, possibly affecting your own reports. Similarly, if you have added or changed reports in Project Model, and file in the SR2 Project Model types into your existing database, your changes will be overwritten. In either of the above cases, you should thus check the report changes in SR2 before applying it, and integrate your own changes with them.

To use the new documentation reports requires four things:

  1. New and updated generic reports in Graph meta-type
    • Makes all generated report files be output in subdirectory .\reports (specified in the '_default directory' report)
    • Make the generated document use .\reports\ for its styles etc.
    • Stored in the image
    • Updated by filing in me010322.pat to the image
  2. New and updated reports in Project Model type
    • Improve the layout of the report output
    • Stored in the db and demo MetaEdit+ dbs, in project mcc.
    • Updated by logging into your db as sysadmin, opening the mcc project, and filing in mcc.pat.
  3. Word template
    • Contains AutoOpen macro which creates a single .DOC file from the .RTF file and .PCT files generated by the report
    • Just a Word 97 template file
    • Simply place the file in a new 'reports' subdirectory under the MetaEdit+ start-up directory
  4. Icons for HTML report
    • Just GIF graphics files
    • Simply place the files in a new 'reports\images' subdirectory under the MetaEdit+ start-up directory

Report changes in me010322.pat

Please note that this image patch also updates those reports stored in the Graph metatype, i.e. in the image. If you have changed any of these reports, or made other reports that rely on them, you should see the list of report changes below. Also, reports here now use the '_default directory' report to specify the directory for report output. If you will continue to use the reports supplied by MetaCase Consulting in previous versions, you should edit the '_default directory' report with Edit Reports from the Startup Launcher: change it to output nothing instead of the 'reports\' path, then save your image.


  • _default directory
  • _graphs with icons in HTML


  • Export graph to HTML.rep
  • _Dictionary in HTML.rep
  • _Object properties in HTML
  • _Relationships in HTML
  • _Links in HTML.rep
  • Export graph to Word.rep
  • _RTF documentation cover page
  • _Dictionary in RTF.rep