MetaEdit+ 3.0 documentation updates

MetaEdit+ 3.0 includes HTML manuals, and as we make updates to the manuals, we will provide new compressed packages of the HTML directories here.

For extra technical information, in particular for multi-user or Unix information, please see the technical support pages for 2.5.

Manual packages (size 2 135 899 bytes)
This is the complete manual set, updated for Service Release 1. It includes the new System Administrator's Guide. (size 663 479 bytes)
This includes a new index.html, an extended and updated System Administrator's Guide, and new Evaluation Tutorial and Watch Example. Unzip into the manuals directory (requires Service Release 1 manuals above).
ReportDefinitionLanguage.pdf (size 124 689 bytes)
This contains the Report Browser sections of the User's Guide in PDF format for easier reading. It contains the same material as the above HTML manuals, just in a different format.