MetaEdit+ 4.5 documentation updates

MetaEdit+ 4.5 includes HTML manuals, and as we make updates, additions or other formats of the manuals available we will provide them here.

The FAQ and Forums are also useful sources of information.

Additional documentation

Manual home page and tutorials in Japanese
The manual home page and all of the tutorials have now been translated into Japanese.
Versioning and MetaEdit+
This document describes how versioning changes when dealing with models rather than code, and provides some best practices for versioning with MetaEdit+.
Importing models into MetaEdit+ via XSLT
This paper describes the use of XSLT for importing models into MetaEdit+ from XML files, e.g. from another modeling tool.
Importing via MetaEdit+ API
This paper describes how function definitions are read in from external files and then automatically imported to models using MetaEdit+'s API.
C and C++ API with gSOAP
Instructions and ancillary files for using the MetaEdit+ API from C or C++ with the gSOAP library.