MetaEdit+ 5.5 Support

These support pages allow MetaEdit+ 5.5 customers to download program updates, new modeling language specifications, generators and documentation for MetaEdit+. 


  • Program updates
    MetaCase is continually improving MetaEdit+. Rather than distributing a whole new installer to you, improvements can be made to your existing MetaEdit+ by adding patches. Patches are files (*.mep) that include modifications, new features, and improvements to the MetaEdit+ environment. 
  • Repository updates (none yet)
    A repository update can be either a whole new zipped repository, or a types and/or models patch. Types and models patches are files that makes changes to the contents of your existing repository. To import these patches, log in to the MetaEdit+ repository, press the Import button on the toolbar, and choose the patch file.
  • Generator updates (none yet)
    New generator definitions allow you to generate new kinds of code, documentation etc. from existing models in MetaEdit+. Generators are .rep files that are read with the Generator Editor into a specific graph type after login.
  • Documentation updates
    Documentation updates to MetaEdit+ after the manuals were distributed.